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I’m a huge fan

“Hi Dave,  Pleased to meet you finally.  I am a huge fan of yours. You mentioned in one of your Videos, that the reason you continue to teach even after all these years,  is that you have a desire to share with the trading community your years of experience so that it is not wasted.  I just wanted to Acknowledge your commitment and Thank you from US your loyal supporters.  You have taught me an incredible amount over the years.  I am truly grateful for your efforts.. Kind Regards” -Mark M., UK

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The only system to master

“I am 64 and I know I have bought a to of systems over  the years… Daves message doesn’t leave me with any doubt  that this system should be the only system to master now  and forget the rest” - Jag P.

Up over $2000 for the day

 “I work 13 hour night shift (about 15 hours when you add in the drive to and from work) and some times have to stay longer due to the nature of my job and made a decision years ago after loosing a large sum one morning trading even though I was too tired not to trade when I am tired. So a lot of times I don't trade after I have been working all night either because I am too tired or I have not made it home yet. Also, with futures I am a short term trader. With that being said, so far I have been very profitable exceeding my daily profit goals for futures every trade so far with the TTC strategy!  - Greg R.

Powerful strategies

"They are very powerful strategies (sic). " - Ben S.

So happy

“I know Dave over 10 years and he has been a blessing for me and my family!! It takes a village to be a trader  I made $215 and so happy” - Abe W.

I’m blown away

“I’m blown away by the content. Your delivery and  instruction is top notch. You truly are opening eyes  and changing lives with this.” Kieran C.

Spent $25k-$35k on education

“I’ve spent… I’m sure 25k-30k on trading education…  and I have rarely received the level of attention and customer service Dave delivers.” - Jeff N.

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