“Hi Dave,  Pleased to meet you finally.  I am a huge fan of yours. You mentioned in one of your Videos, that the reason you continue to teach even after all these years,  is that you have a desire to share with the trading community your years of experience so that it is not wasted.  I just wanted to Acknowledge your commitment and Thank you from US your loyal supporters.  You have taught me an incredible amount over the years.  I am truly grateful for your efforts.. Kind Regards” -Mark M., UK

Welcome to the TTC Trading Academy
The Path to Making Your Fortune is Not As Hard As You Think

Click the play button. About: A guided tour inside Trade the Curve Academy.

All Courses Below Are Included

Self-paced learning allows you to complete the curriculum on your own time and in a place that’s convenient for you. This training is different than others you may have taken because it’s an organized curriculum that builds on each lesson and module to help you learn faster. My recommendation is to start with course TA-101 “How Markets Really Work” and work your way through the higher courses in order to get the most from your membership.  No ‘drip’ content - all courses are immediately available to you so you can complete them in a time frame convenient to you.


TA 101 – How Markets Really Work

A little know fact about the stock market is that it is NOT an auction market like everyone believes. Discover the truth behind how prices are determined and why they move. This course reveals the true nature of how the market really works.  When completed, you will never look at the market the same way again. 2 video lessons and one 60 min audio lesson, 2.5 hours of instruction.

TA 102 – What is Volatility

This concise one-hour video take you inside the world of volatility - what it is, how it’s measured, and how to use it to improve your trading. Includes an exclusive formula for determining the expected daily move on the S&P 500 index. 1 hour of instruction.

TA 201 – Swing Trade Identification & Setups

A comprehensive course on swing trading and how volatility affects all asset prices. How to identify the best market setups for swing trading, what to look for, what indicators work best for swing trades and how to use volatility as an indicator to profit from the markets. 16 video lessons. 5.2 hours of instruction. 

TA 380 – Trading Equilibrium (Advanced Price Action)

In the last few years, new concepts have evolved to identify the movements of big money players (or ‘smart money’) in the market. This course goes in depth into these new concepts such as price equilibrium, mastering risk, identifying supply and demand zones, why liquidity is the most important component of price action, buying at a ‘discount’ and selling at a  ‘premium’ and more. 6 video lessons, 6 video reviews of ‘what we learned’ and 8 video examples from forex, crypto currencies & stock index futures, 4.5 hours of instruction

TA 202 – Real-Time Technical (RTA) Analysis Workshop

Without the use of any indicators could you tell what an asset might do in the future? Are we too dependent on indicators like RSI, MACD, Stochastic’s, etc? This course reveals how to determine future prices of any asset using price data on charts alone. Without the use of any standard indicators by ‘reading price action’ and certain patterns that have developed by algorithmic trading and bots we show how a trader and determine future prices without standard indicators. 7 video lessons, 5.5 hours of instruction.

“I am 64 and I know I have bought a to of systems over  the years… Daves message doesn’t leave me with any doubt  that this system should be the only system to master now  and forget the rest” - Jag P., (verified member)


STR 401 – Inside Days Strategy

Based on Toby Crabel’s Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout system this course goes into details not included anywhere else. Specific measurements of targets, setups, identification of  ‘inside days’ and exact instructions for trading them are included. 3 video lessons, 1.5 hours of instruction + PDF manual.

STR 410 – Scalping the ES (The ‘Banker Trade’)

Previously held LIVE, this recording of the live session takes you step-by-step through a trade that scalps the ES futures. Ave profit $1350, ave loss $50 with 80% winners, 10% BE, and 10% loss rate. Rules based scalping method.  One previous recorded LIVE session with live trading demonstration, 1 hour of instruction + PDF handout.

STR 420 – Day Trading Masterclass

Look over my shoulder as I day trade the futures market. I set a goal of generating $500 per day in trading profits for 10 straight days. Watch as I navigate the markets to achieve my daily goal, the issues I run into, the drawdowns and the method I used. A one-of-a-kind personal view of what it takes to profit in a challenging market. 10 video sessions over 10 days, 6 hours of instruction.

STR 440 – Trading Volatility Masterclass

Retail traders underestimate the importance of volatility on stock prices. But pros know it’s critical and they know how to trade volatility. Now you will know too. How do you trade volatility? Is it like trading stocks? Find out in this in-depth course and find out what instruments to trade. Includes an automated “buy/sell” alerts strategy algorithm for Tradingview. 6 video lessons, 2.8 hours of instruction.

STR 470 – Swing Trading Masterclass (coming soon)

The ultimate masterclass in swing trading for large profits. This is my preferred way to trade because the profits are generally higher than any other method of trading. It’s also a lot more relaxed way to trade. It’s not as stressful as day trading. Also, you don’t have to catch tops and bottoms, you can be wrong on the timing and still make outsized returns. Coming soon…

 “I work 13 hour night shift (about 15 hours when you add in the drive to and from work) and some times have to stay longer due to the nature of my job and made a decision years ago after loosing a large sum one morning trading even though I was too tired not to trade when I am tired. So a lot of times I don't trade after I have been working all night either because I am too tired or I have not made it home yet. Also… I am a short term trader. With that being said, so far I have been very profitable exceeding my daily profit goals for … every trade so far with the TTC strategy! - Greg R. (verified member)


OPT 501 – The MM Method

I learned this method from a floor trader who used it to increase his trading account from $100k to $1,000,000 in a single year. This little know method for option trading uses current implied volatility to create 3 income streams: (1) Weekly trading profits; (2) Directional profits based on a proprietary method too determine market direction; and (3) A method for buying stocks at deeply discounted levels from the current price. 6 video lessons, 1.5 hours of instruction.

OPT 520 – VXX Pro Trading System

Using options on the VXX, VIX or UVXY this method uses the downward bias and reversion inherent in volatility to profit from option decay. To accomplish these goals it uses ‘ratio ladders’. The method is superior to many others because of its math based rules, strict exit criteria, minimal trend analysis, no trade adjustments and low equity volatility. 11 video lessons, 1.2 hours of instructions. INCLUDES: Slide deck for reference, customer VXX Trade System Indictor for ThinkorSwim, plus additional indicators as shown in the videos.

OPT 560 – Zero Days-To-Expiration (0 DTE) Options Workshop

Zero days-to-expiration (0 DTE) options have exploded in popularity over the past year. They are a way to day trade the indexes but are fraught with danger: Gamma exposure is extremely high. So this course takes an approach to trading 0 DTE’s that reduces risk while attempting a 1:3 Risk/Reward ratio on every trade, or better. It is a contrarian approach that’s much more effective than using 0 DTE for theta decay. 3 video lessons + 1 webinar, 1.75 hours of instruction. 

OPT 570 – Synthetic Collars

Options are amazingly versatile trading instruments.  This method neutralizes Theta decay, reduces out-of-pocket costs of participating in moves up and down in the underlying stock and generates outsized profits due to Delta variance.  It can be implemented using longer expirations (up to an including LEAPS) giving you more time to be right without Theta decay. Coming soon…

“I’m blown away by the content. Your delivery and  instruction is top notch. You truly are opening eyes  and changing lives with this.” Kieran C.


ADV 601 – The Gamma Scalping Masterclass

Gamma scalping is an advanced strategy and is a personal favorite of many of our members. The strategy seeks to create a delta neutral position using both stock (or an ETF) and options. It profits through theta (premium decay) or by trading the underlying. It’s relatively low risk and generates high profits but requires a relatively larger allocation of capital (typically $50k or more) due to the purchase and sale of the underlying asset while simultaneously selling or buying ATM options. 6 video lessons, 2 hours of instruction. (Uses a proprietary indicator for TOS and Tradingview - included)

ADV 701 – Volatility Arbitrage Masterclass

Our flagship course and the reason we named our site Trade The Curve™.  Volatility arbitrage (VolArb) is also called ‘basis arbitrage’. VolArb  profits by the contraction or expansion of the spread between two futures contracts. According to the CME it reduces directional risk by 85%. We’ve developed over 7 indicators for TOS and Tradingview designed specifically for this strategy (included). 7 video lessons, 6.8 hours of instruction.


CRYPTO - 900 Crypto 

What makes crypto trading different than stock, futures or options? While retail traders have dominated the crypto markets for years, institutions are now becoming a dominate force and it will only grow from here. Learn how institutions are getting into crypto, how to trade it now and how to identify tops and bottoms in Bitcoin, Etheream and more. In addition we cover an easy way to tell which alt coin has the best chance of a 1000%+ return. Coming soon… 

“I’ve spent… I’m sure 25k-30k on trading education…  and I have rarely received the level of attention and customer service Dave delivers.” - Jeff N.

Education, Community and More

As a member you receive access to all courses above with values of $297 to $1250 each. However, our big idea for this site is that you get them all for one price at a fraction of the cost of buying them individually.

In addition to the comprehensive set of courses above, you’ll receive: 

Unlimited 24/7 Access To All 14 Courses, Community on Slack and Members Area
Includes unlimited viewings to all courses above, unlocked and ready for you to start learning today - no ‘drip’, no waiting, because life does not wait. The time to start learning is now.

Trade Signals & Alerts

When I take a swing or long term trade I post it in the Slack channel and explain why I took the trade in the AMA/Coaching calls. These alerts are included with your purchase of TTC. They are not investment advice, they are for educational purposes only and just a notification of what I’m doing. A $2500 per year value

21 Custom Indicators & Scripts 

Over the past 40+ years I’ve created indicators, scripts and algorithms to assist my trading. The cost to develop these were significant. I’m now making them all available to all members for Tradingview and ThinkorSwim™ platforms at no extra charge. For a list of indicators click here. If purchased separately they would cost $5,000.

Weekly Wrap-up Videos

Each weekend members receive a video covering my current analysis on the stock, futures and other markets including cryptocurrencies. Each video is easily digestible and typically run about 30 - 60 minutes. Members state this is their favorite part of their membership. A $1,200 per year value.

Community Access (on

Community… where would we all be without the support of a like-minded community? The TTC is supportive of new traders, and freely give their time to help answer questions and providing encouragement to members. It’s a benefit so large it’s tough to place a value on but I am confident it’s at least $2,500 per year value

LIVE Monthly Coaching Calls

Each month we hold LIVE coaching calls on zoom for members. This gives every member the opportunity to ask questions in real-time and get answers on the spot from me personally. Value based on other services I’ve seen is at least $350 per month or $4,200 per year.

Unlimited Personal Support

Unlike other memberships who delegate support to someone who does not understand trading, I personally respond to all support requests. You won’t have to wait a week after you submit questions. I’m in the community channels every day and available by text or phone call. Value? High.

“…Took two trades this morning …. Got in… around 9:51am EST and out around 12:10pm EST. Should of taken a screen shot to capture all the details, but didn't have time. Ended up with a total $550.00 profit for the day. So far I am 100% win rate for all the trades that I have taken up until this point!” - Greg (verified member)

Personal Note from David Vallieres, Director, TTC Trading Academy:

Hello and welcome to TTC! I’ve spent the last 40+ years of my life studying and trading the markets; stocks, options, commodities, futures … and cryptocurrencies … using my own money. I’ve lost a lot of money and I’ve made a lot of money trading so I know how it feels to lose and to win big but it can be hard without the right tools and the right education. I’m not a guru like the one’s you see on YouTube or FinTwit… I’m a full-time trader. I make my living from trading, not selling courses. A solid education is not inexpensive but it will make all the difference to your trading and it could change your life. I know it has changed mine. Every day you don’t invest in yourself is another day of missed opportunities. Consider joining today - an eduction can never  be lost or stolen, it is with you always helping you achieve your goals.

Trade The Curve™ and CEO, Strong Market LLC

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12 14 Courses: An Organized Curriculum of Training - A $9,600 total value
• Unlimited 24/7 Access To Courses, Community and Members Area - A $500 per year value

• Trade Signals & Alerts - A $2500 per year value

• Weekly Wrap-up Videos - A $1,200 per year value.

21 Custom Indicators, Scripts and Algorithms - Value $5,000.

• Community Access (on - $2,500 per year value

• LIVE Monthly Coaching Calls - A $4,200 per year value.

• Unlimited LIFETIME Personal Support Via Email, Text or Call - A $1,000 value at least


Frequently asked questions:

QUES: I have a really busy life. Can I trade part-time or do I have to sit at my computer all day?

ANS: The mornings between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM EST is the ideal trade window IF your day-trading. My best results come during those times, when I day-trade. But I swing trade 99% of the time and so am in a trade days, weeks and sometimes months, so, no it’s not necessary to sit at your computer all day at all. In fact I don’t recommend it unless you really want to be a day trader - and then only trade during the hours mentioned.

QUES:  I’ve only been trading a few months and realize I don’t know what I’m doing. What makes your training different?

ANS: If you’ve only traded a few months you are just beginning your journey and an education is the most important investment you can make right now.  My training is different because unlike other training you may have taken it’s an organized curriculum of training that builds on each lesson and module. My recommendation is to start with course TA-101 “How Markets Really Work” and work your way through the higher courses in order to get the most from your membership. And of course, if you have any questions I’m available at any time in the Slack community, by email or phone call.

QUES:  If these are such good strategies won’t they be ruined if too many people learn how to do them?

ANS: Futures, stocks and ETF’s on the NYSE and Nasdaq is a $478 Billion per day market. Not to mention cryptocurrencies which has an average trading volume of $225 Billion per day or the global forex market which has a daily trading volume of $7.5 Trillion. No one individual, groups, trading desks, institutions or central bank has the power to ruin these strategies. I can say with some reasoned confidence that the strategies I teach will NEVER be ruined by more people learning them. 

QUES: How much money do I need to start trading?

ANS: I would suggest a minimum of $2500. Your broker will also normally require that amount to open an account. Most people who join TTC start with more than that but it’s up to you to decide how much to trade with.

QUES: Is Elite membership a monthly subscription?

ANS: As stated above, you have Lifetime access to the Academy and community with no monthly fees.

QUES: Can I join anytime I want?

ANS: Because I run Trade the Curve alone (no employees) and trade full-time I can only accept a few new students each month. This is so I can allocate the time necessary for supporting them. If the message below says ‘registration is currently closed, please watch for openings by email announcement or come back to this page.

QUES: How long have you been trading and in business?

ANS: I started trading when I was 16 years old on my father’s account. My first trade made me $720 and I was hooked. I went full-time in 1999. I’ve traded over 40+ years. I started teaching and coaching traders online in 2008. 

Unsolicited member comments:

"Before this I thought ‘day trading’ was a myth and impossible - Ive tried that for 20 years. Done very well at option income theta strategies- but could never crack the ‘day trading’ nut until this method" - Dan 

"I like all your trading materials. They are really good, simple and not complicated. Thanks for making time to produce all these good stuff!" - Jessie Z. (Singapore)

"Your [system] is truly an answer you MY prayers.... Been looking for something like this FOREVER...

Don't tell.... But that sucker is the Holy Grail..." -Jon R.

"took a little bit of seconds…. - total for day: +$835.00" -Dan W.

“…just trading the system gave me my first 4-figure trading day… $1,037.50” -Tom B.

“GM in short at -736 out at -781 for 267.00 for the day” - Merrill C.

“ … out … +$5690 profit” - Jim H.

"They are very powerful strategies…the strategies is (sic) worth 1000 times the course that we invested in." - Ben S.

“…on my practice account these trades have yielded $2200 in profits over the past two days.” - Stuart K.

“I know Dave over 10 years and he has been a blessing for me and my family!! It takes a village to be a trader I made $215 and so happy” - Abe W.

“Just wanted to let you know that I closed out my first live trade… my net return on this trade was $2,037…that’s a period of 9-days” - Changis

“I am 64 and I know I have bought a to of systems over the years… Daves message doesn’t leave me with any doubt that this system should be the only system to master now and forget the rest” - Jag P.

“I’m blown away by the content. Your delivery and instruction is top notch. You truly are opening eyes and changing lives with this.” Kieran C.

"Out +700 + 937.50 total $1637.50. I took two positions…” - Steve A.

“Forgive my French, but that (session) just absolutely F-ING blew me away!!! I am SOOO VERY GLAD I joined, I am very excited and very grateful that you shared this technique!” Phil T.

“I’ve spent… I’m sure 25k-30k on trading education… and I have rarely received the level of attention and customer service Dave delivers.” - Jeff N.

“One Micro each way MES/MYM, paper trade. Long at 10am at -595 / Out at 14:07 at -498 / Profit

of $82+" - Lucie B

“After a week of trading real money, I’m now up $567, and that’s after a silly, stupid first day… I toned it down and followed the indicators…” - Mark F.

+hundreds more…



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